Shoe washing and hand sanitising station


  • Dimensions 700 x 1040 x 1100mm (WxLxH) (1560 to top of hand sanitizer)
  • Constructed from fully welded grade 304 Stainless steel, with matt/bead blast finish
  • Photoelectric cells fitted (model F)
  • Manual switch fitted (model M)
  • Supplied complete with automatic chemical dispensers and drum holders
  • Two large horizontal polyamide brushes for washing the soles of shoes/boots
  • Indicator lights for ease of operation
  • Perforated and dimpled anti-slip surfaces
  • No tools required for the removal of panels during cleaning
  • Hygienic construction
  • Supported by 4 height adjustable feet
  • Can be integrated to access control systems

Services Required

  • Power consumption in use: 1 x 0,25 kW
  • Power supply req: 400V, 50 Hz
  • Water supply: ½” BSP
  • Water drainage: 2” BSP
  • Maximal water supply temp: + 50°C
  • Number of rotating brushes: 2

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The MCR range of boot washing and hand sanitising stations are designed to significantly reduce the introduction of contamination into or out of the production area, through a semi-automated process of mechanical removal and chemical disinfection of the hands and footwear. Flexible solutions are available for all types of footwear worn in the production area.


 Stage One

Operators enter on to the low-heeled shoe washer pressing the start button positioned on the handle (model M) or engaging the photocell (model F) which starts the operation of the two horizontal brushes and spray jets. Gross debris is removed from the soles of the boot/shoe whilst also being chemically treated. Water used in this process is then channelled to drain.

Stage Two (where fitted)

The operator walks up to the revolving turnstile and inserts his/her hands into enclosure to engage the photocell releasing quick drying disinfectant onto the hands. Once this process is complete, the green indicator light will illuminate allowing passage through the turnstile.


The shoe and hand sanitising station should be installed where its use is obligatory to ensure high levels of hygiene are maintained.