Automatic Hygiene Center


  •  Dimensions 1000mm long x 500mm wide x 1500mm High
  • Constructed from fully welded grade 304 Stainless steel, with matt/bead blast finish
  • Automatic liquid soap dispenser
  • Automatic disinfectant dispenser
  • Boot sole and top washing (automatic)
  • Lockable storage for disinfectant and soap
  • Complete with towel dispenser
  • Removable basket for used paper towels
  • Automatic sensor operation
  • Indicator lights for ease of operation

Services required

  • Power supply: 400v
  • Controlling voltage: 24v
  • Drive: 0.25kW
  • Water supply: 12” bsp
  • Drain: 50mm
  • Diameter of liquid cross connection:  5 mm
  • Light bulbs: 6 V, 0.6 W
  • Hygienic construction
  • Adjustable legs


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The MCR range of boot, hand washing and disinfection stations are designed to significantly reduce the introduction of contamination into and out of the production area, through a semi-automated process of mechanical removal and chemical disinfection of footwear and hands.


Before entering the production area, the operator can wash and disinfect the hands. Before returning to the changing room, the operator can use the AHC to clean footwear and hands. All steps are automatic by activating the photo-electric sensors.


The automatic hygiene center should be installed where its use is obligatory to ensure high levels of hygiene are maintained.