saniQub -Partition Systems

Wellness in the bathroom 

Smooth surfaced, modern design

Flexible design

Due to antibacterial surface

KEMMLIT provides much more than separation with the saniQub cubicle system. In combination with the cubicle system PRIMO Kn, KEMMLIT created a tailor-made solution, with various accessory components – so called saniApps – which are integrated in the smooth-surface cubicle wall.

The cubicle wall saniQub with an overall thickness of 156 mm consists of two 3 mm HPL panels and an interior layer of polystyrene. The composite element with a massive aluminium frame is manufactured, delivered and installed based on the customer’s individual requirements with industrial precision. The floor clearance is variable between 80 mm and 180 mm, the heights of the cubicle ranges from 2000 mm and 2135 mm. The wall connection on recess walls are custom-fitted with a parapet part, the connections to other existing walls feature a vanity line. If desired, the dividing cubicle wall can be operated from both sides of the cubicle. The structure utilizes the entire depth of the wall for the factory installation of the saniApps. The saniApps are made of stainless steel and feature a matte surface, which ensures a timeless design and innovative functions. Design and function in one – the saniQub cubicle system sets a new visual and functional benchmark for public sanitary facilities!

Our Service – your Advantage:

  • Cubicle walls with luxury equipment
  • Integrated sanitary accessories for women and men
  • Tailored solutions and space conserving for any facility type
  • Precision industrial manufacturing
  • Reduces assembly time and provides planning certainty
  • Timeless design, luxurious materials and innovative functionality
  • Turn-key solutions for the public sanitary facility
  • Consulting, production and installation – under one roof

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