• Alexion

    Alexion’s facility in Blanchardstown, Dublin has served as the Company’s Global Supply Chain and Operations Headquarters. The site, which will be home to a large-scale biologics manufacturing facility, is also used to house packaging and testing operations in support of Alexion’s Global Manufacturing network.

    MCR designed, implemented and installed Stainless Steel Bump Rails and Lean Rails for Alexion.

    Our highly skilled and dedicated site engineering team carried out the following:

    • Supply and installation of floor mounted 304 Stainless Steel bump railing
    • We designed as per the client’s request; 48.3 mm diameter S/S bumper rails 304L, 215mm high in varying lengths (1500mm average length)
    • Fully welded and polished to 240 Grit Polish
    • Hygienic Biopharma GMP design
    • Rails fixed using Internal nylon fixing and secured with grub screw

    Bump Rails in Production

    Finished Product

    Bump Rails up close

    We also supplied and installed floor mounted 304 Stainless Steel Bollards for Alexion’s site. Our team carried out the following:

    • Designed as per client’s request; 900mm high, 100mm diameter, domed tops
    • Fully welded and polished to 240 Grit Polish
    • Bollards were fixed using a Nylon sleeve, suitably bolted to the floor and secured with four grub screws
    • Bollards are fully removable for cleaning purposes

    Bollards Complete

    As part of our offering to Alexion, we also designed, planned and installed Corner Guards and Fire Extinguisher Cabinets.

    Corner Guards

    Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

    We also supply Workbenches to Alexion. Our workbenches are designed specifically for the Cleanroom applications, compared to standard workbenches that lack vital efficiency. For example, standard workbenches are manufactured with industry generic 304 stainless steel. They are semi-welded, with gaps filled by a silicone product which therefore causes dirt and contamination. They also only suit light to medium duty work. There are many benefits when opting for a Trespa workbench designed by MCR:

    • Manufactured from Stainless Steel 316
    • Hygienic Biopharma GMP design / finish as per Alexion / PM team requirements
    • Fully laser welded / sealed to prevent contamination / dirt traps
    • Backplate fixed to wall by dome head screws or similar
    • Base fixings to include a “grub” screw for securing the cover plates
    • Brushed finish with a surface roughness
    • Heavy duty work, supports up to 400kg
    • Corner detail to suit coving
    • Under bench shelving units, fully welded
    • All units can be fixed to wall / floor
    • Levelling feet

    To bring the concept to creation, Alexion submitted sketches of their desired products:

    Workbench Concept Sketch

    More detailed sketch submitted to Client

    Subject to approval, we continue the product design phase by designing a render of the product

    In this instance, post site and client evaluation, we had to re-sketch and amend the concept which led to a new drawing and new render design.

    New Revisited Sketch

    New Render Design

    Using this render we can make a prototype and subject to the client’s agreement, install and complete the project.

    Completed Project

    Side Profile of Completed Project

    The same design process applied for other products we supplied to Alexion such as Sinks;

    • Hygienic Biopharma GMP design / finish as per Alexion / PM team requirements 
    • Fully sealed / welded to prevent contamination / dirt traps
    • Bowl size 750 / 100 x 550 x 400 mm
    • Brushed finish with surface roughness
    • Equipped with bottle traps, removable strainer and waste with upstand pipe with tri-clover clamp supplied
    • Upstands to be included on all construction
    • Enclosed construction to suit installed plinth
    • WIFI drops typically positioned within the centre of the sink
    • Anti-drip edge
    • Access panel required on all sinks, secured with button head screws
    • All units to be fixed to wall / floor unless stated


    Work Sink Render

    Work Sink Complete

    Lean Rails;

    • Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel
    • Hygienic Biopharma GMP design / finish as per Alexion / PM team requirements
    • Ergonomic design
    • Fully welded to prevent contamination / dirt traps
    • Shelving required, 300 x 300 with 20mm corner radius
    • Overall length 1000 mm
    • Bottom rail mounted at 575mm AFL
    • Top rail mounted at 975mm AFL
    • 75mm diameter stainless steel pipe


    Lean Rail Render

    Lean Rail Complete

    Storage Units;

    • Custom built to suit the room
    • Hygienic Biopharma GMP design / finish as per Alexion / PM team requirements
    • Quantity 6 Tote Storage Units manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel
    • Quantity 4 Sub-Rack Mobile Storage Units manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel
    • Provides 8 compartments under a flat bench top with anti-drip raised edges all round
    • Fully welded / sealed to prevent contamination/dirt traps

    Storage Equipment Concept Sketch

    Storage Equipment Render


  • Eli Lilly

    Eli Lilly is a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana with offices situated in over 18 countries. One of their facilities is based in Ireland, in Kinsale Co. Cork. The campus in Kinsale uses complex chemical synthesis and biotechnology manufacturing processes to produce active ingredients for modern medicines. Process development and optimisation are key activities within the site also.

    MCR Cleanroom Equipment assisted Eli Lilly in these activities by providing top of the range workbenches, customised as per Eli Lilly’s request. We collaborated with Eli Lilly in producing a suitable, efficient and overall ideal work equipment solution. Our goal was to support and facilitate Eli Lilly’s complex work processes in manufacturing medicines.

    To begin this process, we first ask the client what they want i.e. Eli Lilly sends us a concept sketch to provide us with an insight into their exact requirements.

    Following this, we visit the site, review the sketch and apply adjustments where necessary. From the site visit, we get a comprehensive view of what the client needs and make suggestions on how they can achieve these requirements. The concept sketch we send back will inform the client why certain elements are added or taken away.

    Once we confirm the sketch and product requirements, we move on to working on the minute details of the workbench, i.e. each measurement, material, positioning, shape etc. The process is collaborative – this is to ensure the client receives exactly what they require. We also provide a breakdown of the timeframe for each element of the project. A render is generated from this to facilitate the production of the prototype. 

    Sketch of Workbenches

    Sketch Detailing Work Timeframes and Project Specific Elements

    We then installed the Trespa workbenches on the site. The finished product is a solution that matches demands, optimises processes and serves to maximise the efficiency of the Eli Lilly manufacturing team.

    Trepsa Workbench

    Trespa Workbench

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb

    Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) announced its strategic decision in 2014 to build a new Biologics Manufacturing facility in Cruiserath, Dublin 15. Their vision was to develop a biologics manufacturing facility the best of its kind in the industry, with state-of-the-art design. MCR’s engineering design team supported BMS in making their vision a reality. Our team carried out the following:

    • Installed Trespa PAL (Personal Air Locked) dispensers and cabinets
    • The scope of work extended to 22 rooms within the facility
    • Supplied and designed customised work bench

    We assisted the client in every stage of the project.

    Initial Concept Drawing

    Drawing Submitted to Client

    Render Submitted to Client

  • Takeda

    Japanese firm Takeda Pharmaceuticals has a heritage that stems back more than 230 years, and it has since grown to be the largest pharmaceutical company in both Japan and all of Asia.

    MCR Industrial Engineering Cleanroom equipment successfully planned, implemented and supplied solutions for Takeda’s new facility based in Ireland. Takeda have invested a huge amount in the new green field facility situated in Dunboyne, Co. Meath. We are proud to have played a role in the development of this giant pharma site, in collaboration with Kemmlit.

    Our offering included Changing Rooms, both male and female, which featured Sitting Benches and Trespa Lockers.

    Features of the Lockers include: 

    • HPL Locker Range: Lockers with High Pressure Laminate. 
    • Dimensions: Many options available to suit every project scope. 
    • Internal Fittings: A fixed shelf and 2 fixed coat hooks per compartment, as well as air ventilation through perforation. 
    • Locker Body: 1.5mm thick high-grade aluminium Carcass. 
    • Locker Door: 13mm HPL with bevelled edges. Stainless Steel Hinges and door opening restraints. 
    • Integrated Benches: The HPL stand plinth raises the locker 450mm off the floor and comes with an aluminium shoe compartment underneath.

    Lockers Specifics Design

    Lockers with an In-Depth Design

    Changing Room Sketches

    Finished Product

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